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Our experienced staff has handled thousands of closings. If you’re buying, selling, or refinancing, we can help. Whether it’s a residential home, investment property, commercial building, or vacant land, our staff has you covered. We will ensure the closing process is handled properly and in a professional manner.

Cindy Owen Briley 2022

Cindi Owen Briley

Founder and Lead Closing Officer
Greg Smith 1

Greg Smith

President and General Counsel
Julie Glaze 1

Julie Glaze

Senior Closing Officer
Debbie Parker 1

Debbie Parker

Senior Closing Officer
Maggie Smith v3

Maggie Smith

Closing Officer & Attorney (GA only)
Cheryl Dunlap 1

Cheryl Dunlap

Office Manager
Laura Mason 1

Laura Mason

Closing Assistant
Jeanie Trowbridge 1

Jeanie Trowbridge

Closing Assistant
Bethany Willis 1

Bethany Willis

Closing Assistant
Warren Hess 1

Warren Hess

Closing Assistant
Barbara Radcliffe 1

Barbara Radcliffe

Senior Title Examiner
Grayson Swain 1

Grayson Swain

Lenn Mooney 1

Lenn Mooney

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